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Ingwerer Awards

Ingwerer: organic liqueur handcrafted from ginger and apple

Our unique liqueur is made from unfiltered organic Swiss apple juice, fresh organic ginger from Asia, organic alcohol, organic raw cane sugar and selected organic spices. Fruity and spicy. Balanced and all-natural. 24% ABV.

Each knob of ginger is checked and prepared by hand before it gets added to the apple juice and spices. In the traditional maceration process, the brew rests until the ginger thinks: ‘Plant cells, open up!’ and BAM, it releases its flavour. 

Golden colour – golden medal

The juries of the "European Spirits Challenge" and the "Craft Spirits Awards" in London were convinced by Ingwerer and awarded it the Gold Medal. The "World Liqueur Awards" presented it with the title "Best Swiss Spice" and the committee of the "Great Taste Awards 2022" honoured it with two stars.

Apfelbauer Hans

Carefully crafted by hand

A lot of love and dedication go into Ingwerer, which is produced in our spirits manufactory in Bern. The ingredients are closely checked and processed by hand according to traditional methods. And after the bottles have been filled, we manually seal each one individually. Mindfully rather than mechanically.

As is natural for any Swiss premium product, the liqueur undergoes stringent quality testing – a part of the job that we also take great pleasure in.

Ingwerer organic and vegan

Top quality is our promise

Using premium ingredients is a key part of Ingwerer’s production. We only settle for fresh organic ginger, no concentrates. There’s also a generous amount of root left in the Ingwerer – take a look at the bottom of the bottle for quality you can see. Shake the bottle to evenly distribute this wonderful spiciness.

Ingwerer is 100% organic-certified (CH-BIO-086). Any more organic and it would grow on trees. And Ingwerer also has the vegan seal of approval.


What else makes Ingwerer special?

We bring different cultures together with our liqueur – and it doesn’t stop there. We actively support the arts scene, particularly musical projects. Why? Because music is another comfort that has brought people together for centuries. And we’d like it to stay that way.